On-Demand Training and Group Coaching to Help You Reach Your Nonprofit Goals

Do Good YOuniversity connects small-medium sized nonprofits with 100+ hours of training resources, weekly group coaching, and an encouraging peer network.

Every Membership Includes:

  • Weekly Ask Me Anythings hosted by Patrick Kirby and Do Good Experts

  • The Do GoodYOUniversity Member Library full of downloadable templates, video trainings, and how-to-guides

  • Community chat spaces for peer support and encouragement

  • First access and discounts to Do Good Better events and exclusive content

Why We Made Do Good YOUniversity

Patrick Kirby, Founder of Do Good Better Consulting

What Members Say

"It'll change your life as a non-profit leader."

Rebecca Undem - Founder and Executive Director of Growing Small Towns

"As an organizational development consultant and founder of a nonprofit, I feel like I've seen it all when it comes to memberships, in general. They all promise to "reduce your hassle" and "save you time" but very rarely, do those promises hold up since you know, you still have to DO the work and make it happen. Do Good YOUniversity is different; the mix of available learning material, active community, and live interactive sessions with both guest experts and Patrick Kirby, the head honcho at Do Good Better Consulting, there isn't a single problem or challenge that I face in this work that this membership can't address. That's the highest praise I can give; it'll change your life as a non-profit leader."

"Do Good YOUniversity is a valuable ally for any nonprofit!"

Lee Schwartz - Executive Director of Tri-City United Soccer Club

Patrick, Bridget & Leah and their amazing network--is comfort food for any nonprofit Executive Director. It's a place to share your success stories and challenges--sharing with those who really understand because they live in the same world...and probably have a good answer for you. Do Good YOUniversity also has experts and other resources for nonprofit board members, staff and directors to help guide them through something new or just provide a blueprint for successful fundraising.

"The variety of experts and resources will bring you great value!"

Deidre Hillman - Founder of 13th Hat Business & Event

As a past leader of a small non-profit, I only wish I had a tool like this! The topics covered in DGYOU are relevant and applicable and will assist leaders of small to medium nonprofits. If you are already wearing multiple hats from human resources to fundraisers and more your time is limited. But this tool has answers to so many of your questions! If you want to learn more about topics from navigating workforce hurdles to preparing for your financial audit, then get access to DGYOU now!

"Perfect for New Team Members or When I Need a Refresher"

Kiernan Scott - Executive Director Healthy Housing Omaha

"DGYOU is a great resource for new team members or when I need a quick refresher on many different non-profit topics. The site is easy to navigate and the videos are engaging to follow along with. I also can't say enough about being able to participate in the weekly "ask us anything" with the Do Good Staff! I look forward to integrate DGYOU more into our professional development processes."

Our Community Values

At Do Good YOUniversity, our community values guide everything we do!

  • Community Driven

    We believe a rising tide helps all ships. We remember a time without available resources and connections. As a competition-free zone, it's ok to share best practices between nonprofits. The purpose of this group allows leaders a chance to succeed and not feel like they're on an island.

  • Accountable

    We believe that best laid plans may go to waste without a helpful hand-up. Concurrently, we are each responsible for our own actions, followup, and motivation.This is a space where you can get an extra nudge of encouragement and support for the goals you've established.

  • Collaborative

    We believe that becoming your best self comes from listening and taking advice from those who have been before you. Standing behind a podium and telling you what to do is easy, but listening to those who've been there and doing it themselves is much more valuable.

  • Creative

    We believe that the way "we've always done it" isn't necessarily the best way to do things. By challenging ourselves to think and act differently about fundraising, marketing and board leadership, we're able to make a stronger community impact. Arts, music, and diversity of opinion enhance the nonprofit sector with an engaging and awesomer experience.

  • FUN!

    We believe that our work in the nonprofit world should be joyful and worth celebrating! We are glass-nearly-overflowingly-full Do Gooders who think that changing the world for the better involves laughter, enthusiasm, internet memes, great dad jokes, and spontaneous dance moves. For those relying on us and our work, we must be a beacon of light and hope.

Take a Look Inside!

Do Good Experts

Just a FEW of the big brained experts behind Do Good YOUniversity


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Do Good YOUniversity for?

    DGYOU is a perfect option for small-medium sized nonprofits! Our typical members include executive directors, development directors, and board chairs/members... but new hires and growing teams also find DGYOU super valuable.

  • Do I need to login every day?

    We know the nonprofit life is busy! Do Good YOuniversity is designed for you to access, what you need, whenever you need it! Our team will send you weekly email updates so you don't miss the latest content and upcoming training events.

  • How much does Do Good YOUniversity cost?

    We know that your budget as a small-to-medium sized nonprofit is tight. It's our priority to keep DGYOU affordable, yet packed with value to help you ultimately Do Good, Better.

  • Can I cancel anytime?

    Yes! Monthly members can cancel anytime. Once you cancel, you remain a member until your subscription period ends. Should you want to rejoin later (you're welcome to!), but note that cost of membership may change over time.

  • I'm interested! How do I get access?

    Awesome! Join the Waitlist and we'll notify you as soon as enrollment reopens!